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Journalism in Crisis begins today and already I can see an
obvious similarity between House of Commons Speaker
Michael Martin andĀ  printed newspapers.

Mr. Martin’s potential resignation is the front page story on
many London papers today.

Both he and printed news are nearing their termination dates.

TheĀ  University of Westminster’s Journalism In Crisis begins today
and speakers are expected to address challenges facing today’s news
business across all media.


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I’m enjoying the longer hours of daylight in London now.

Sunset happens today around 8:15 p.m.

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Kamilah Fabien


My friend and University of Westminster colleague Kamilah
busy at work on her final project for online.

Everyone had gone home and the daylight was fading
but Kamilah still had work to do.

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A couple of pictures from the work I am
doing today documenting Soundpad, a
project sponsored by the British Council.

Four alternative rock bands from India are
at the university today.

I am posting more of these photographs
on the India Soundpad blog.



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Four of the more exciting new bands in India tour the UK this May

Four of the more exciting new bands in India tour the UK this May

Soundpad, a project featuring the music of Indian alternative
rock bands Medusa, Swarathma, Advaita and Indigo Children,
arrives at the University of Westminster May 12th and 13th.

The British Council sponsored this project, which aims to highlight
a growing alternative rock scene in India.

Soundpad involved producers John Leckie and Dan Austin who
recorded sessions with the bands at Yash Raj studios in Mumbai
to create an 8-song album.

Westminster’s Faculty Music Media, a student operated record
label, will release the album on 12 May.

Students and faculty in the university consider Soundpad’s two day
stop to be an opportunity.

University of Westminster Involvement

Students will be producing a show featuring the music from
the groups created for Soundpad and an interview with
John Leckie done by Keith Harris.

Harris was chairman of Mowtown Records in the 1970s and
Westminster awarded him an honorary degree in 2007.

University lecturers Rob Benfield and Katie Thiebaud are
fulfilling executive producer rolls for this event.

According to the Faculty Music Media website, the bands are in
the UK for the first time.

Westminster is their first stop on a mini-tour that takes them
to London, Manchester, Liverpool, Cardiff, Oxford and
The Great Escape Festival
in Brighton.

Indian Music

Music Week has reported that Westminster is developing ties
to the music industry in Mumbai and is talking to Bengal music
company Sa Re Ga Ma about helping to create a training college.

Faculty Music Media wrote that John Leckie has always had an
interest in Indian music after working with Shiv Kumar Sharma,
Harisprasad and Gopal Shankar.

Thiebaud hopes the day is a chance for music students to share
music skills across cultures.

Soundpad’s time at Westminster will also be covered by live twitter
feeds from India_Soundpad as well as the India Soundpad wordpress blog.

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My friend R Villan posing for a quick shoot I did so she
could have some bio pix.

It’s been a rough few weeks. No blogging
just time enough to finish things and keep my
head above water.

My site, simply goes by my name Andrew Otto.

Finished it recently and now am already working on
my next project.

More on this soon.

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