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Jim Chapman, the manager of a student bar at the
University of Westminster’s Harrow campus, said the
establishment’s Monday night drink promotion
makes the place crowded but not chaotic.

Chapman manages Area 51, the university’s bar which is
run as a student club.

His comments follow recent efforts by MPs to introduce
legislation setting a minimum price on alcohol in England
and Wales.

Some in the House of Commons say that cheap booze makes
it easier to binge drink.

They say the drunk patrons of some happy hours are damaging
property and becoming violent after they leave the bar.

Happy Hour Criticism

Keith Vaz,
chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee
has said that said that binge drinking and the behavior
problems it facilitates has become a problem for police.

Vaz spoke on BBC Radio 4’s Today on 10 November saying
“happy hours lead to unhappy communities.”

Home affairs published a report at the end of October which
alleges that “alcohol-related crime places a heavy burden on
police resources.”

Anita Adams, a member of Federation of Licensed Victuallers Associations
was also on Today where she argued that MPs were largely at fault for
current problems because they changed the licensing laws.

She added that like the police, pub owners can suffer the consequences of
drunken behavior too and therefor do all they can to stop it.

Local Promotion

Area 51’s promotion, Happy Mondaze, which serves
certain drinks for £1.50 is the busiest night at the bar.

The club posts security guards at the bar’s front
door on promotion nights.

Jim Chapman says that while license laws do not require security
for the happy hour, he feels the guards are a good
precaution for the club to regulate its members.

Because it is a student club, guards check student ID cards to
make sure only students and their guests are entering.

Students are allowed to sign in guests who may not be
Westminster students.

Pound a Pint Problems

Chapman added that for binge drinkers looking for
cheap booze, Area 51 is not a good deal.

He pointed out that a nearby pub in Harrow charges £1 per
pint at its happy hour.

“We would never do £1 a pint.” Chapman said. “We don’t think
that’s responsible drinking.”

He notes the club adheres to measure regulations and he
and his bar staff are mindful of how drinkers conduct

“To be honest, I’ve got a low tolerance for drunk people,”
Chapman said.

Chapman wants to keep approaching his job with
that attitude because he believes it has kept drink
fueled mayhem away from Area 51 and Westminster’s
Harrow campus.


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